Meet Brandon

Brandon Eicher is a travel and landscape photographer from Palos Verdes, California. His distinctive landscape images manipulate both light and water to create symmetry, scale, and intrigue.

Brandon first developed an interest in photography on a yearlong trek to all 50 states. What started as an ambitious travel goal gradually morphed into his first photography project: to showcase the beauty and diversity of all 50 states, not just those on the coasts. Though he completed his goal in late 2014, The 50 (States) remains an important part of his work to this day.

Over the last few years, Brandon has refined his approach to photography. He often returns to the same location dozens of times in search of extraordinary moments. This focus on intricate details – from perfect reflections of Southern California piers to beads of water on multicolored bark – creates one-of-a-kind images that are endlessly interesting, both in digital and print formats.