The 50 (States)

In 2014 Brandon traveled to all 50 states in a year. On this ambitious — and exhausting — trip, he explored remote corners of the country: from mountains in Alaska to sand dunes in New Mexico to cypress swamps in Louisiana. He emerged from this yearlong trip with a new appreciation of the United States, both its places and its people.

Over the last several years, Brandon has continued to traverse the country, searching for beauty in uncommon places. Many of his photos are available in The 50 (States) gallery.

Meet Brandon

Brandon Eicher is a travel and landscape photographer from Southern California. His breathtaking images capture locations from around the world. With a passion for travel and an artistic eye, Brandon specializes in landscape and seascape photography. Brandon is a travel and landscape photographer who captures scenic photos that are inspirational and will add beauty to any space. View Brandon’s impressive gallery and blog to learn more about his latest adventure.

Head shot of photographer Brandon Eicher

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