Harbour Traffic – Circular Quay

A ferry boat creates an elegant light trail as it passes in front of the Sydney Opera House on its way to Circular Quay.


My left leg slept for most of the 15-hour flight to Sydney. Of course, this made actual sleep somewhat difficult. So, by the time the plane landed in Australia, I was exhausted. But, I was excited to be back in one of my favorite cities.

After a brief nap, I wandered down to the harbor. I walked out onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge, where I watched the boats come and go. Each one seemed to make graceful arcing turns into the Circular Quay terminal. As traffic goes, it was beautiful.

As the sun set, the sky turned purple. Eventually, I took out my camera and snapped a photo — a long exposure — of a ferry boat, as it passed in front of the Sydney Opera House. It was a great start to another wonderful trip to Australia.