Ray Bay – Bora Bora

A stingray glides across a shallow turquoise lagoon in Bora Bora.


It was picture-perfect day in Bora Bora. The skies were clear and the water was calm. But, I needed an adventure. So, I hopped on a boat, determined to photograph Bora Bora from below.

As we headed out to sea that day, we stopped at a shallow turquoise lagoon. I jumped into the water with my camera, and I was surrounded, almost immediately, by a handful of stingrays.  These graceful, if not always beautiful, creatures were both curious and hungry. As they glided above, below, and around my camera in search of food, I fired off a number of shots.

Of all the photos I took that day, “Wabi-sabi” was my favorite.  The stingray looks like he’s smiling as he approaches my camera.  And, who could blame him?  He lives in an incredible place.