Down the Shore – Sea Girt

Waves dance around an old drainage pipe in Sea Girt, New Jersey, creating streaks of water that seem to point to a spectacular sunrise.


On a relatively-warm winter morning, I packed up my camera and drove out to the Jersey Shore. When I arrived, I had the beach to myself.  So, I walked down to an old drainage pipe along the coast.  I took off my shoes and socks and set up my camera at one end of the drainage pipe.

There was no shortage of activity that morning.  Waves danced around the drainage pipe, creating streaks of water; birds squawked overhead; and, fishing boats headed out to sea.  Everything that morning, including the drainage pipe, seemed to point to the soft pinks and purples created by the rising sun.

By day break, the water was so cold that I could hardly feel my feet.  But, it was an amazing morning.  The conditions that day seemed to transform an ugly, old drainage pipe into a work of art.