Rainbark – Road to Hana

Beads of rain cling to the vibrant, multicolored bark of a rainbow eucalyptus tree.


On a rainy November day, I drove out to Maui’s Hana Coast in need of adventure. Along the way, I hoped to find — and photograph — the multicolored bark of the rainbow eucalyptus tree.

A couple of hours into my drive, I stopped at a small arboretum not far from the Ke‘anae Peninsula. There, I found a grove of trees with vibrant bark. But, I also — unknowingly — ran into two new challenges: first, I was ankle deep in mud. And, second, I was surrounded by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes.

Mildly annoyed, but ultimately undeterred, I continued to search for the perfect composition. I eventually found a small section of bark — no more than a foot wide — that contained colorful bark and little beads of water. The scene was perfect.

I photographed the trees until I eventually succumbed to the mosquitoes. As I walked back to my car — covered in mud and bug bites — I had a huge smile on my face. It was a special moment.