The Watchman – Palouse

A lone tree keeps watch over a freshly planted field in the rolling hills of Northern Idaho.


I spent several days exploring the Palouse, the hills of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. The rolling wheat fields created a stunning — almost surreal — sea of green.  But, after days of driving, I couldn’t seem to find a composition that showcased the beauty of the landscape.

Then, just before sunset on the last day of my trip, I saw a lone tree in the distance. I immediately turned onto an old dirt road that led to the tree. As I approached the field, it became clear that this was the scene I had been searching for since the start of my trip. The lone tree seemed to keep watch over the freshly planted field.

The irony, of course, was that this was the of the few fields in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington that was not wheat.  In some ways, it made the scene even more special.