Power – Horseshoe Falls

I walked to Canada. Of course, it wasn’t a long walk. I spent the previous night in Niagara Falls, New York and then, early the next morning, walked across the Rainbow International Bridge to Horseshoe Falls. When I arrived, I had the Canadian side of Niagara Falls all to myself.  As the sun peaked over the horizon and illuminated the falls, I was completely blown away by this not-so-secret spot.


My first visit to Niagara Falls was entirely unplanned. I was in Buffalo, New York for work, so I decided to make a quick detour to the falls. There was just one problem: I didn’t have my passport. This meant that I was only able to visit the American side of the falls. Fair enough. It was still remarkable.

Several years later I returned to Niagara Falls. This time, I made sure to bring my passport. I spent the night on the American side of the falls. The next morning I woke up early and walked to the Canadian side of the falls. As I neared Horseshoe Falls, I realized that I had the Canadian Side of the falls to myself.