South Pacific – Bora Bora

On a near-perfect day in the South Pacific, light dances across Bora Bora’s iconic — and strangely still — blue water.


It was another perfect afternoon in Bora Bora. The air was warm, but thanks to a gentle breeze, it wasn’t hot; the water was calm; and a couple of towering cumulus clouds drifted past Mount Otemanu. It was paradise.

As I sat on our bungalow that afternoon, I was mesmerized by the reflections all around us. Light seemed to dance across the surface of the water, creating a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors. The whole scene was magical.

Eventually, I grabbed my camera, and I took a couple of photos. Not long afterwards, the sun dipped behind Mount Otemanu and the light changed. Luckily, one of the photos from that day, “South Pacific,” serves as a memento of carefree afternoons in Bora Bora.