Predator – Bora Bora

A black tip reef shark seems to pose for the camera, as his distinctive fin reflects across the underside of calm Polynesian water.


We had spotted stingrays, eagle rays, an enormous eel, and a variety of different fish.  But, now, we were on the search for black tip reef sharks. So, we left the calm lagoons around Bora Bora for what looked like rough open water.

A few minutes into our not-so-perilous journey, the boat stopped and put down anchor. Almost immediately, shark fins started to emerge from the water. By my estimate, we were surrounded by, at least, 30 black tip reef sharks who were looking for food — small fish, not stray snorkelers.

To my surprise, I jumped into the shark-infested water without a second thought. Many of the sharks kept their distance that day.  But, a few of them cautiously approached me.  And, one in particular seemed to pose for the camera.  As he did, his distinctive fin reflected across the underside of the water.