The Letter H – Biloxi

The H-shaped pilings of a storm-damaged pier extend into the Gulf Coast, just west of Biloxi, Mississippi.


At the end of 2017, I needed a few extra miles to retain my frequent flier status for 2018. So, I planned a last minute trip — a “mileage run” — to the Gulf Coast. I landed in New Orleans, rented a car, and started driving towards Mississippi.

As I pulled into Biloxi that afternoon, two things caught my attention: the casinos and a few old pier pilings.  Since I love piers — and I’m not much of a gambler — I spent most of my time searching for compositions along the Gulf Coast.

Just before sunset, I found an old pier west of Biloxi, which had a series of h-shaped pilings.  I walked down to the edge of the water, and I took a handful of photos.  A few of the long exposures seemed to transform the old pier pilings — battered by hurricanes — into something quite tranquil.