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The 8 Best Photography Spots on Maui

As a travel and landscape photographer, I’ve spent a lot of time on Maui. It’s easily one of my favorite destinations on the planet. The island has so much to offer: from beautiful beaches to lush rainforests to an abundance of marine life. In fact, if anything, Maui almost has […]

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The Pros & Cons of Travelling to Bora Bora

We just returned from a trip to French Polynesia. And, what a week! We stayed in an over-water bungalow, we swam with — and photographed — black tip reef sharks, and I briefly commandeered a paddle board to try and escape the St. Regis Bora Bora. We designed our trip […]

An abstract photo of a firework at Navy Pier

Experiments in Focus Pull Photography

Over the summer, I experimented with a style of photography called “focus pulling.” The technique itself is pretty simple: you gradually change the field of focus throughout a long exposure. This creates abstract — often otherworldly — images, particularly when applied to moving lights.

A black sand beach near Vík, Iceland
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Four Spectacular Days in Iceland

After two lengthy delays, including an unscheduled stop in Newfoundland, our flight finally arrived in Iceland. We were relieved to be on the ground, but our journey was far from over. Our hotel on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula was still three hours away. On our way to the hotel, we stopped […]

Hermosa Beach Pier at sunset
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The Birth of the Pier Project

Six or seven years ago, I received a print of the Hermosa Beach pier. In retrospect, it was an unremarkable photo of one of the least famous piers in Southern California. But I loved the image nonetheless. It reminded me of home, particularly after I moved to the Midwest in 2013.